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When Apple decided to apologize for its flawed maps in iPhone 5, going as far as suggesting that users try other, competing products like Google Maps, the move raised a few of eyebrows. But now that Google has released its new voice response-enabled search app for the iPhone, it's looking like Apple might have another problem on its hands.
Instagram is great at imitating old school photo effects on your iPhone, but there's nothing like holding an instant artifact of a special moment in your hands. To that end, a new device that uses your iPhone to instantly produce '70s-style Polaroid prints is the latest example of why analog isn't necessary bad.
In about two weeks, Apple is expected to reveal the long due iPhone 5. The only problem is that most of have already seen it photos of leaked parts and reverse engineered 3D renders created by artists. This batch of leaked photos practically seals the deal on what Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to announce.