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Using your smartphone's GPS map functions to find your way in the real world, in real-time is a skill that some of us still haven't mastered, no matter how simply the visual information is presented. But now, thanks to augmented reality, using GPS maps can be simple process even for the cartography-challenged.
The sport of Apple rumors is almost as old as the company itself, but now that the iPhone and the iPad are market leaders, every new piece of information is even more exhaustively parsed over. That's why the latest claims made by an analyst fresh from visiting Apple's suppliers in Asia are raising a few eyebrows.
Although the iPhone 5 was released just over two months ago, purported images of an iPhone 5S have now been revealed. To add credence to the leak, reports have suggested that the new model may even be scheduled for a launch in early 2013.
Using tech to monitor and our health is becoming increasingly common, but the myriad of new gadgets being introduced can be a little bit confusing, making adoption relatively slow. Now a new company has figured out a way to combine emerging health tech with an item we're already comfortably familiar with— an iPhone case.
For some smartphone users, the highly sensitive on-screen touch keyboards remain an irritating shortcoming of the powerful devices, particularly when attempting to compose long messages. But one new approach that uses vibration mapping could be a look at the future smartphone keyboards.
After the iPhone 5 was released, Samsung's Galaxy S III saw a rise in sales, suggesting that people were waiting to compare the two new smartphones (and many chose the Galaxy). Well, now numbers have been released that show Apple has lost brand loyalty for the first time since the original iPhone's release.