iphone stories

We're still essentially at the beginning of the innovation cycle when it comes to smartphone apps, but even now there are amazing new apps that offer functions that can seem like magic. The latest of these includes an app the uses the iPhone 5's vibration function in a way that even Steve Jobs never imagined.
The allure of casual gaming on the iPhone has allowed it to displace once dominant devices like the PlayStation Portable. Still, one drawback to iPhone gaming is the touchscreen interface, something that still sends many gamers over to Sony as they hunt for an experience similar to that of their console set-up .
Maybe you want to record events with your iPhone without holding up your handset and looking like a hapless tourist. Or maybe your intentions are of the covert sort and you'd like to surreptitiously record video for classified reasons. Well, whether you're would-be spy or just easily embarrassed, now there's a solution that actually works.