iPhone 4S stories

Once upon a time, hanging an SLR around your neck was a status symbol that told others you were serious about photography. But with improved smartphone camera specs and fun photo-sharing apps such as Instagram, we've seen the rise of a new type of photographer: the iPhone documentarian. The trend isn't surprising. Sporting an 8-megapixel sensor, the iPhone 4S can take stunning photographs and even HDR in one fell swoop. Not to mention, the best camera isn't necessarily the most expensive one; it's the camera you bring everywhere. The iPhone fits the bill. Like an SLR, you can end up with quite a bit of gear to capture the money shot (never mind the fact that such equipment cancels out the smartphone's portability). For the aspiring iPhoneographer, here's some hardware to add to your arsenal.
You may have heard of Siri, that sultry vixen with the smooth voice who doesn't know where abortion clinics are but likes to curse out twelve-year-olds. Well, like most sultry vixens (trust me, I know like two… that I saw… on TV… once), she's not a fan of imitators, and even rival Google will ban a Siri knockoff and its developer from the Android Market.
Let's say you're a woman who finds herself in, as we used to say, a delicate condition — but, perhaps, she would rather not be in that delicate condition. Where's the first place you'd turn for advice? Your doctor? Your closest friend? Your parents? Your religious advisor? Planned Parenthood? No. Apparently, ACLU thinks the first place you'd turn for reproductive advice is — wait for it — Siri. But that's not the silliest part of this story.
No iPhone 5 this year, but the iPhone 4S is performing like a real champ, even outselling its predecessor. Virtually identical in shape to the iPhone 4, the real changes to Apple's new offering are beneath the skin. With a better camera, faster dual-core processor and spiffy iOS 5 operating system to play with, iPhone 4S peripherals are able to boost the phone's performance like never before. We've rounded up 12 iPhone 4S peripherals that we think give it purpose beyond what even Steve Jobs envisioned.