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Ali v. Frazier? Federer v. Nadal? Yanks v. Red Sox? None of these epic sporting confrontations can compete with the upcoming struggle between Apple and Amazon. As you may know, Amazon announced its long-rumored, long-awaited, long-delayed Android Kindle tablet/e-reader, the Kindle Fire, which will go on sale November 15. Next week, Apple will announce it's long-rumored, long-awaited, long-delayed iPhone 5, likely to go on sale around October 13 or 14. Of course, this battle of behemoths isn't between the Fire and the iPhone, but between the Fire and the iPad. Or at least that's how many in both the tech and media in general present it. But Kindle Fire v. iPad will not be the titanic struggle folks think it will be. Fire will claim a far different victim.
My friend S (he hates it when I invoke his name in print), a long-time IT pro, made a sage observation in the wake of HP effectively whacking its TouchPad, Motorola selling itself to Google, the great Samsung Galaxy Tab/Best Buy giveaway (more on this in a bit), and the general bloody state of the non-iPad tablet business. "Apple's been perfecting its ecosystem for a decade, and these guys think they can duplicate it in a couple of months." And then we laughed. Not at HP, but at the whole ridiculous state of the tablet business that S succinctly summed up. So, now that the tablet business has pretty much devolved to Apple and Android, where do we go from here? Don't ask the pundits. They seem to have no more of a clue about the future of the tablet universe than Criswell did about the diabolical plans of vampires from outer space.