ipad stories

Further proof that iPads are everywhere has emerged. Orangutans at the Milwaukee Zoo have been given donated iPads via the Apps for Apes program, and have taken to them naturally. Favorite apps? They love drawing, playing the drums and above all — checking each other out. One guy even cozies up to David Attenborough documentaries. Go ahead. You can collectively say, "Awww..."
Commercial cockpits are about to get much lighter beginning this Friday, according insiders. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has apparently just given American Airlines the thumbs up to start using the iPad to replace the large, paper based flight bags pilots traditionally carry.
The iPad is pretty perfect for board games; it lets you play tons of classic games without having to set up or put away stacks of cards or piles of pieces. But you do lost a little big having it only be on a touchscreen. But iPawn Games strikes a balance between classic board games and the touchscreen versions with pieces that work on an iPad.