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If you're one of the thousands of New Yorkers who have found nada searching for a store-stocked iPad mini, only to be met with disappointing claims of "sold out" or promises that it's "on the way," consumer demand might not be the reason for the shortage: Apple recently suffered a major iPad-jacking at JFK airport.
An astute friend of mine once satirically defined our age of seemingly instant obsolescence: just buy and thro-o-o-ow it away. At first blush, it's funny because it can't be true — you don't buy something and then just throw it away. But after Apple's iPad press event Tuesday I'm not so sure.
Well, Apple went and did it. It was long rumored, and now here it is: a smaller iPad. Alongside the Mini, Apple also slipped out a fourth generation iPad that's twice as fast as the iPad 3. Here are the deets on both.