ipad stories

The good news? Turns out a lot of "A-List" type folk have picked up the iPad. Why, everyone from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to Diane Sawyer of ABC News are confirmed iPad owners. The bad news? All of their email addresses and some 114,000 others are in the hands of hackers, thanks to a vulnerability present in the iPad.
Apple has announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards, where the company lowers its mighty hand from the heavens and points out lowly apps that deserve more attention. Lowly apps such as the, well, Financial Times. Okay, so maybe not so lowly, but Apple gives a reason for each app.
The rumors you've been hearing about Hulu turn out to be true: the coveted online streaming video service will soon start charging for some of its content. The newer episodes will still be free, but Hulu will charge a monthly fee for the back catalog and some other special content. And, the service is reportedly on its way to the Xbox and iPad.
So, your company is behind one of the most popular phones of all time and advertisers want in. They can have in — well, as long as they don't mind signing up for your new advertising service. That's the idea behind Apple's iAd service — ads through Apple, and everything else is banned.
Despite the fact that repeated attempts at tablet success in Japan have been largely met by failure, the country's love affair with the iPad has reached epic proportions as exampled by a doctor who recently decided the device was so cool he needed to use it for live surgery.
I don't know how he does it, but Japanese magician Uchida Shinya — also known as the "Salary Magician" — decided to get a little tricky with the iPad. You see a picture of the bird on the screen then, after a tilt, it flies out and lands on his hand. How'd he do it?