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What do you think tablets are best used for? Reading e-books like on a Kindle? Playing games? Maybe you've found you're most fond of watching TV. At least, that's what Motorola hopes, as it's making a tablet with Verizon that will stress its FiOS TV connection.
The rumors are all over the place: The next iPad will be here by the end of this year, it'll be available in two new screen sizes, including a 5.6-inch, a 7-inch, and its current 9.7-inch screen size. Best of all, those displays will be organic LED (OLED). Why should you care?
The iPad is beating the Kindle in all the ways the latter was supposed to succeed. Just look at Time Magazine's website. The end of its articles read, "The following is an abridged version of an article that appears in the July 12, 2010 print and iPad editions of TIME." That could have been you, Kindle.
Back during April Fool's Day, ThinkGeek — as the company is wont to do — dropped the iCade iPad arcade cabinet on us, an idea so cool that the Internet cried out for it to be real. Well, ThinkGeek is still making moves for that to happen, we imagine, but this modder already beat 'em to it.
Amazon is starting to include sounds and moving images to supplement the company's e-book offerings. The kicker? You won't be able to access said enhanced content on Amazon's own e-reader, the Kindle. Right now, the move is more for iPhone and iPad users using the Kindle app. That is, unless Amazon has a new, iPad-like Kindle coming.
Apple has a habit of doubling things. The first iPhone, for instance, had 128MB of RAM. When the 3GS rolled around, that number bumped up to 256MB. The big question was whether or not Apple would do it again, especially with the iPad still fresh on shelves — and containing a 3GS's worth of RAM. The iPhone 4 has double, and one little word makes it all the more exciting: