ipad 3 stories

Rumors surrounding Apple's third-generation tablet release are gaining momentum. Do you plan to purchase the latest iteration? Check out the infographic below for some general iPad user stats and a bit of speculation about the impending announcement.
We're only months away from Apple's annual iPad release and the rumors are coming in hard and fast. This time, supply checks indicate that Apple might split the iPad into two models, the iPad 3 might have double the battery capacity of the iPad 2, along with the rumored Retina Display.
One of the iPad 2's biggest selling points is how much thinner it is than the original iPad. But according to new reports, the battery that'll be in the iPad 3 will be even lighter and thinner than its predecessors, allowing for an even thinner device.
Looks like those rumors of an iPad 3 coming out this fall were, unsurprisingly, not accurate: reports have Apple's next-gen tablet going into production starting this October as prep for an early 2012 release.