iPad 2 stories

According to supplier reports coming out of China, the next generation iPad will lean heavily on 3G models. There will still be a Wi-Fi model, but it may be the kid sister of the lineup, with more options available in the 3G varieties.
Well, the evidence doesn't get much more solid than this: in Apple's newest iPad iOS beta, there are icons on board that show an iPad home screen with FaceTime, Camera and Photo Booth icons.
For the most part, the iPad 2 rumors we've been hearing haven't been all that crazy. A new tapered body? Sure, why not. Extra cameras and speakers? Well, it is the second generation after all, it's got to do something more. There's one rumor going around, though, that we don't think Apple is going to be able to pull off.
We've all heard the rumors that the iPhone is heading to Verizon. In fact, many respectable sources have locked it down as confirmed. It's been kind of quiet for the iPad. Verizon just started selling Wi-Fi iPads in its stores, but what about a 3G model?