iPad 2 stories

"Have you seen the lines at the box office!" exclaimed Roger De Bris, the FAB-ulous director of the play-within-The Producers, Springtime for Hitler. "It's an avalanche! It's a torrent! It's the biggest hit on Broadway!" Well, not Broadway literally, but the iPad 2 is producing lines, sell-outs and now shipment delays in the face of nearly unprecedented sales. When I sauntered to the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan at around 4pm last Friday afternoon to buy mine, I was shocked to find the line had snaked completely around the block. Why was I shocked? iPad was available in literally 10 times the number of locations than last year's original, but the lines were still longer this time. Why the avalanche and torrent? I have a theory!
While ordering my weekly supply of bagels and lox at my local kosher-style deli, Andrew, one of the managers with whom I am acquainted (we're fellow Met fans, God help us) asked me an odd question. He'd heard about the new iPad 2 and wanted to know if any of the other tablet PCs he had heard of were "better." Over the next few weeks and months, the tech and mainstream media will try their best to answer that question. They'll make a big deal how this tablet is less or more expensive than iPad/iPad 2, how it's got better or worse this or that specs, more of this or that input jack, that it does X or Y better or worse, how the operating systems are easier or harder or more or less intuitive, etc. This is all nonsense. You cannot compare the iPad to any other tablet. Find out why after the jump.
Today, Steve Jobs took a break from his leave of absence to come introduce the 2nd generation of the iPad. It's a lot like the original iPad, only thinner, lighter, a whole lot faster and packed with two cameras.
My excitement, as you can tell by the lack of an exclamation point above, is surprisingly muted. Given the rampant speculation and build up, I kinda know what iPad 2 will be packing, and it doesn't thrill me. Maybe it's because suddenly I can't metaphorically walk two feet on the net without tripping over some new tablet announcement and I'm just sick of the whole stupid subject — a year ago everyone laughed at Apple's folly, a year later these bandwagon-jumping soon-to-be immensely disappointed morons think they're each going to sell 10 million units. Maybe Apple will surprise us with something unexpected like it did in a bad way with a non-LTE Verizon iPhone 4, with a minor interim iPad 2 update with a major upgrade delayed until the fall. Maybe Apple will happily surprise. Maybe. But mostly maybe it's because I'm afraid, as Snoopy once cynically mused, my anticipation may exceed the actual event. Maybe. But what maybe appears on the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts stage in San Francisco next week to me isn't as important as who maybe appears.