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Read this handy guide so you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse. First, know the different types of zombies you may encounter. Second, learn what happens after a zombie bite. Lastly, find out what supplies you need at home for your very own survival kit.
Sure a regular toilet gets the job done, but why would you want the same old waste receptacle when you could have…"The Royal Data Throne?" Full disclosure: this colorful creation is technically a sculpture and would be ruined if used as, well, a toilet. But you have to admit, functional or not, this is one cool toilet (and for a mere $500, it could be yours).
Pay no mind to the fact that he's an adorable Chihuahua, 'Tank Dog' is one badass little pup. Yes, he's outfitted with his very own, customized tank costume — so he just might upstage you this Halloween. Check him out in the videos below…you really don't wanna miss this.
Not far from Victorville, California is the former George Air Force Base — now a resting place for over 200 planes. Check out the gallery below for some images of this airplane boneyard in the desert.