IOTD stories

On October 23, the iPod turned 10 years old. To celebrate this industry changing music player, let's take a moment to compare the very first iPod to Apple's most recent creation…amazing!
Here is a radio astronomical photograph of a 14-day-old supernova — the youngest ever captured by astronomers. A mere two weeks after the explosion of a star in Galàxia del Remolí (M51), telescopes around Europe joined efforts to compile this image.
Rocket Science Ice Cream in Nappanee, Indiana makes your ice cream while you wait. How, you ask? Well, that's the great part: You pick out the fresh ingredients you like, combine it with an ice cream based mix, and everything is "flash frozen with liquid nitrogen which is set at 32 degrees below zero." And, presto, your very own made-to-order ice cream.
Hummingbirds are quite remarkable little creatures. In the video below, you'll see how a hummingbird shakes water from its body to get dry. According to the BBC, "The delicate bird shakes its head with such acceleration that it can reach a g-force of 34 (Formula 1 racing cars typically reach less than 6g). This mid-air manoeuvre takes just 0.1 seconds and removes almost all of the water droplets from its feathers."