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It's CES, folks (or the Consumer Electronics Show for your first-timers). And as always, we're bringing you the latest tech innovations straight from Las Vegas. But why not take a minute and celebrate one very spirited participant we've dubbed 'Tablet Man,' who has 11 tablets strapped to his body. Gotta love CES.
You've probably seen a hacked Facebook account before — you receive a private message from someone you haven't talked to since middle school or your mom posts a link on your wall that says, "Click here to win a free iPad." Unfortunately, Facebook users are vulnerable to many different kinds of attacks. Take a look at the infographic below for details on how to keep your account hooligan-free.
The FDA recently approved this self-sanitizing keyboard by Vioguard. Although it claims to zap nearly 100% of the germs living on your filthy keyboard with ultraviolet light, reports are saying it's only about 67% effective. See Vioguard's self-sanitizing keyboard in action in the video below.