IOTD stories

If you're app-happy and a procrastinator, Will Call might just cure what ails you. Although still a concept (it is set to launch in San Francisco this week), Will Call can help you find reasonably priced last-minute event tickets. Say what? I know, finally we can all be rewarded for "spontaneity".
This video was compiled from a series of shots as the International Space Station passed over central Africa on December 29, 2011. You'll notice that it captured a lovely lightning storm while traveling southeast toward Madagascar. Enjoy.
Okay multitaskers, apparently the Internet (and pretty much anything else media related) is making us much less productive. Sure our brains are already jumping back and forth between competing streams of thought — but what happens when you throw a TV or mobile device in the mix? Check out the infographic below for details on why we're all lousy multitaskers.