IOTD stories

If you're anything like me, you've probably signed up for e-mail newsletters and/or mailing lists that now completely dominate your inbox. Well, Hotmail has a solution. It will attack all that "semi-legit e-mail" you thought was a good idea at the time, but now find oh so annoying. Find out how Hotmail plans to combat this "graymail" in the infographic below.
Today, many leaders in the technology industry are leaving school to begin their start-ups. So the question must be asked: Is education or experience more important to the future of a fledgeling tech company? Check out the infographic below to find the relative success rate of start-ups whose founders focused on education versus experience.
MSNBC's Wilson Rothman wanted to test the durability of three "rugged" hard drives, so, of course, he went to a bowling alley. Which ones withstood being dropped, run over by a car and crushed by a 13-pound bowling ball?
Read this handy guide so you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse. First, know the different types of zombies you may encounter. Second, learn what happens after a zombie bite. Lastly, find out what supplies you need at home for your very own survival kit.
Sure a regular toilet gets the job done, but why would you want the same old waste receptacle when you could have…"The Royal Data Throne?" Full disclosure: this colorful creation is technically a sculpture and would be ruined if used as, well, a toilet. But you have to admit, functional or not, this is one cool toilet (and for a mere $500, it could be yours).