ios 6 stories

In the days and weeks following the passing of Steve Jobs nearly a year ago, there was much speculation about how Apple would fare without its visionary-in-chief. Sure, Tim Cook was a wizard at managing Apple's supply chain and complex web of partnerships, and Jony Ive is a masterful designer. But like any game of Jenga, remove one key piece and the whole structure collapses, regardless of its previous integrity. Yes, the iPhone 5 is a wonderful phone, and Apple will sell a gazillion of them. But it's not a peerless phone. And given Apple's recent iOS 6 issues, one has to wonder just how much Jobs's magical eye for detail and anticipating what we want before we knew we wanted it is missed. The clue that Steve Jobs's presence at Apple's helm is missed isn't what's amiss with iPhone and iOS 6, but what's missing.
iOS 6 is official. Not that we didn't already know about it. Apple's mobile OS is finally growing into its own shoes and the next software update hits Google where it hurts with the swapping of Google Maps for the company's own 3D mapping software, Facebook integration and new smarter Siri.