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Did you have trouble while trying to update your iDevice to iOS 5 yesterday? You aren't alone! In fact, so many people were trying to download the huge files at once that a lot of ISPs were having some major issues.
When Steve Jobs took the podium at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, consumers eagerly awaited the news from on high about how much simpler their lives were about to become. Conversely, all the developers following along (either in physical attendance or breathlessly waiting for the liveblog to auto-update) knew to be scared for their beloved apps. After all, Apple has been known to adapt ideas from third-party markets into its evolution with each new iOS update. It turned out, of course, that the fears were justified. In fact, it seems as though Apple has done more than play catch-up with Android and third party developers — they've captured the flag. In the same way that having Windows' Internet browser built into its OS killed off Netscape and the like eons ago, with the unveiling of the feature-rich iOS 5, a lot of developers' fates seem uncertain. Here are 11 third-party apps that are staring into the abyss after Monday's coming out party.