invisibility stories

See this bike helmet? No? That's because it's invisible. No, really, it is: that hefty collar that the bicyclist (or whatever) in the above pic is wearing contains a helmet-shaped airbag that deploys on demand to save your skull, and spends the rest of its time out of the way and looking fashionable.
Until we come up with a full-on invisibility cloak, we're just going to have to settle for making objects less visible in a few specific wavelengths, or alternatively, making them look like something that they're not. BAE's Adaptiv armor system can disguise vehicles in the infrared, making them look like cars, cows, or nothing at all.
There's still an awful lot that's not understood about how complex biological systems (like our bodies) really work. Part of the problem is that we can't just go look, since the only way to really see inside a brain (for example) is to cut it open, which by definition destroys its structure. Japanese scientists have a better idea: just turn everything transparent.