Internet stories

I've long been jealous of Kansas City (it has more fountains than any other city besides Rome!), and my reasons for jealousy have grown: Google is finally ready to install "thousands of miles of" fiber optic cable between the two Kansas Cities as part of its Google Fiber network. This means faster Internet speeds, which is even more important in our post-SOPA world (a whole two weeks later).
Even if you hated football, the Super Bowl used to be something to look forward to. After all, it's an excuse to round up your friends, put out a sweet spread of snacks and get so drunk you miss work the next day. Beyond the game, the chips and dips and the drinking, there was always an entertainment provided to the rest of us one that, thanks to the dear ol' Internet, has now been ruined.
You've probably run aground of Facebook's new Timeline format somewhere. Maybe you already opted in. If you haven't, click around to a few of your friends and you're bound to see someone's timeline (unless, that is — gasp! — you're not one of Facebook's 800 million or so users). If you like it, well good! You're about to use it. If not, well, uh… Well…