Internet stories

You already see social media buttons all over websites (including this one) begging for a little boost in their traffic: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, oh my! And now one more is on its way to cluttering up the space between blog posts and comments: the Google +1 button.
Sohaib Athar, who works as an IT consultant in Abbottabad — the city where Osama bin Laden was found and killed last night — just wanted to get some sleep. His innocent micro-remark is now becoming the tweet read 'round the tech world, as the helicopter disturbing him was part of the military operation to take down Bin Laden.
Noticing that some of your favorite sites have been missing over the last two days? While high profile sites such as FourSquare have recovered from a lengthy outage, many other sites, such as the popular video game blog, Giant Bomb, are down as of this post. Surprisingly, Amazon — which, like Google, makes few server missteps — is to blame.
ICANN, the folks who decide how domain names work, have just approved the .xxx extension, which will allow porn sites to be more easily filtered from those who don't want to see them.