Intel stories

Intel's big announcement at CES is their new Sandy Bridge architecture. Without getting too far into the technical side, the important thing about this is the addition of graphics processing onto the main CPU itself. It may sound like a simple upgrade, but it could change the way we all do a lot of things with our computers.
Intel, DARPA, and the San Diego Supercomputer Center have launched an eight year project to create the most powerful computer ever constructed. By 2018, the extreme scale supercomputer will be running exaflop-level calculations: that's a million trillion operations every second, or about a thousand times faster than the fastest supercomputer we've got today.
Intel is working on a new remote control for your television that would be able to tell who you are just by the way you hold it. It's not 100% accurate, though it uses motion sensors to log how you use it every 100 nanoseconds, and builds an ID out of that. That said, this is one remote that can be used for good and evil.