Intel stories

If you've bought a new Mac with Thunderbolt ports, the chances are good that you haven't had a chance to really use them yet. After all, the super-speedy transfer speeds require Thunderbolt devices, of which there are few. But already, new cables are about to make them even faster.
Did ya hear that Microsoft is building its next OS, Windows 8 with ARM support? No, it's not adding a body limb to its software. It's building a version of Windows for those mobile chips that are found in most powerful smartphones and tablets. Well, as powerful as those ARM chips are and Windows 8 will be, your old Windows apps won't work with it.
We've all heard this story: retail is drowning and online sales are booming. Shoppers are voting with their wallets, going online for savings, interactivity and convenience. At the same time, rising rent costs are forcing retail stores to pack up and go digital or risk staying in business and staying relevant. Shopping online just offers more options that retail can't stock. It's only a matter of time before the digital and physical shopping experiences clash in a big way, and Intel's already trying to figure out how that's going to look. Read on for three ways on how Intel and its partners plan to save (or at least stave off the destruction of) retail.