instagram stories

Facebook engineer Chris Ackermann teamed with Peter Ng of Ricochet Media to build Instacane. It's a simple site that pulls in Instagram photos tagged #Sandy and #Hurricane. The ground level reporting of Instacane has a solid mix of jaw-dropping beauty, and incredible damage.
Like so many gadgets, digital picture frames feel like they're not as good as they could be. They were cool (in theory), but ultimately hampered by low resolution displays, high price tags, and oh, tablets came out. Instacube is not another generic digi frame. It streams Instagram pics in real-time, has an actual "like" button, and is too cute to resist.
Remember when webcams were the latest thing and we couldn't get enough of watching the bustle of Times Square? Or the first time we saw a Google Street View of Antarctica? We love virtually being there." Now, a new website updates and expands on the idea by showing live feeds of Instagram photos being uploaded in select cities.