Ice stories

For the first time ever, a BBC crew has filmed the formation of a brinicle under the Antarctic sea ice, a phenomenon they're calling an "icicle of death." If you're a starfish and you see one of these coming, you'd better run&#8212 or at least, do whatever it is that starfish do when they want to get away from something.
There's a lot of fresh water stored up at the poles. In fact, Antarctica by itself contains about 70% of the Earth's entire fresh water supply. So it's not too crazy to think about maybe chopping some of that off and shipping it to thirsty people in Africa, right? Or maybe it is crazy, but a new simulation shows that it might actually work.
What happens when you toss hot water into the air on a very cold day? It turns into ice, of course. Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) field team member Anna Bramucci takes advantage of this on a -25 F day at Lake Fryxell field camp in Antarctica.