Humor stories

People have a hard enough time singing the Star Spangled Banner. Usually they will start at too high a pitch and run out of steam, or simply forget the words. No problem for the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, which yesterday delivered this, uh, note-perfect rendition on the banks of the Hudson River, with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop.
As Land Rover has become the ride of the gentry in recent years it could be hard to remember that this brand has its roots in being an adventurers ride. No more, thanks to a "Survival Guide" created as part of the owner's manuals distributed to purchasers in Dubai.
Since the beginning of time, mankind has been bored and annoyed by the moon. It's a big dumb sky booger that inhibits beachfront development with its constant tide shenanigans; is the chief cause of werewolfism; and has a perpetual and unwarranted "O-face." Just horrible. Sadly, scientists have yet to devise a technology capable of pushing the moon into some other unfortunate planetary body's orbit (despite some promising overtures from the political class). So, people of Earth, it looks like Potmarked McCheeseface won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I suppose we might as well try to learn some things about our common global irritation. Here we present some little known facts about the big stupid moon that, if nothing else, you can use to score points in pub trivia and impress strangers with your random and needlessly extensive moon knowledge. Enjoy.
What would happen if Darth Vader played an active role in raising (SPOILER!) his son, Luke Skywalker? Apparently some pretty adorable situations would arise, as shown in Darth Vader and Son, an upcoming Star Wars children's book by Jeffrey Brown. Get a peek inside the title right here, courtesy Chronicle Books.