Humor stories

Shake your head back and forth. Did you feel like you were making an absolutely insane looking expression? Probably not, but, as you'll see in this video (which would make a great screensaver), viewed in slow motion you would have — most likely, just for a moment — appeared rather silly.
Most of us are aware that inhaling a mouthful of helium can give a person's voice a humorous, high-pitched tone that mimics a vocal recording played at high speed. But what some of you may not know is there is in fact another gas that has exactly the opposite effect, as a simple science lesson recently delivered by a high school teacher shows.
If I've learned anything over the years, it's that some things, once they've taken hold, feed off of themselves. They grow stronger with the passing of time, envelop more of the population, more of the calendar, more of everything. Sometimes they even swallow up other monsters of the zeitgeist, creating new uber-phenomena. Cellphones were once non-essential kit, but once they ate a few cameras, interwebs and computer-like processors, the smartphone was born and the world rejoiced. One of the biggest, most unstoppable phenomena in the known universe is holiday creep. This year in my neighborhood wintry decorations were put up by the city even before Halloween! Well, I'm here to report that the holidays are at it again. Its most recent target? The Internet meme.