Human Body stories

Everyone reading this has at one point in his or her life stared at and seriously contemplated a chunk of freshly pillaged nose booty perched ever so slothfully on the tip of their finger. There's no reason to deny it. This unspoken secret will stay between you and DVICE. There is no judgment here. And, while we're being honest, let's admit that these moments of grody Zen didn't stop with boogers. There's all sorts of weird crusty slimy fascinating things growing in and around your face. Everyone has them. Everyone is familiar with them. Everyone has wondered about them. Since you're still reading, we can assume you've decided to indulge your natural curiosity as to who these little sticky friends are and how they came to live inside your face. Well, sit back and enjoy, for all the little pockets and crevices in your head are full of science! Disgusting, horrible science.