hulu stories

Hulu made a name for itself as an online TV portal, and now it's adding a channel dedicated to game trailers, reviews and other related content. Access to the channel is free on the Web, though the streaming service plans to roll it out for Hulu Plus, too, which commands a subscription fee.
Right now, Amazon, Yahoo, Dish Network and Google are all in talks with Hulu about buying the streaming video service. But while the first three potential suitors are all talking about relatively similar deals that would get them the site and two years worth of content, Google may be eyeing something bigger.
If you've become accustomed to catching shows like Modern Family and Bob's Burgers on sites like Hulu the day after they air, well, I've got some bad news for you. Fox and ABC are set to start enforcing an eight-day period between when a show airs and when it's available for streaming.