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Creating humanoid helper robots is all well and good, but unless it can independently determine whether it's bringing you a beer versus a cup of tea, you essentially have an expensive motorized food tray. One company seems to have come up with the solution to this problem.
As rapidly as our technology is advancing, it's not completely unrealistic to think that one day we'll be able to simply lay down onto a platform and have our DNA automatically cloned. Such a science fictional contraption is exactly what one British artist had in mind with his latest work.
The design for the power plugs you and I use today — with three prongs where one acts to ground it — came about in the late 1920s after a fella named Philip F. Labre wanted to keep people from shocking themselves. Labre made the plug safe, but no one has really done much for it after that. Well, it's high time we took a long look at the plug and outlet and found ways to make them work harder, as well as make them easier to interact with. Click through the gallery below to see how.