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During the 1980s, the Kiev was the flagship of the Soviet Navy. At almost 1,000 feet long, it carried over 30 aircraft, as well as an arsenal of heavy missiles like a cruiser. China bought the Kiev in the late 90s, and it'll be relaunching at the end of this month, but as a luxury hotel instead of a warship.
Seeing as man-made theme islands have all worked out so well in the past, a new marine-themed hotel is under development in Qatar. And what better way to experience marine life than by putting a $500 million construction project in the middle of a marine reserve?
How do you justify paying for a swanky luxurious hotel that costs $200 a night? By stuffing your suitcase with as many hotel "souvenirs" as possible. Anything and everything from towels to shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, bath robes, slippers, etc. are applicable. Say hasta la vista to those klepto habits because hotels are beginning to track their towels with RFID chips.