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Yotel isn't your stereotypical hotel decked out with fancy antiques and fine art from centuries ago. Oh no, a stay at Yotel is almost like a scene straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, if black and white were replaced with purple and silver. Yotel is a hotel from a completely different galaxy — think "airports" and "space" smashed into Japanese capsule hotels. The baby of Simon Woodroffe, Yotel was apparently conceived after he was upgraded to a first class flight during a trip, and that luxury inspired him. He opened Yotels in London's Gatwick and Heathrow airports in 2007, and then later in Amsterdam, and the first Yotel successfully made the leap over the pond into the heart of New York City this past June. Yotel doesn't look like much of a hotel from the outside (it's relatively close to the not-so-scenic Port Authority Bus Terminal and its bus lots), but step inside and you feel like you've discovered a portal into a secret airport or spaceship straight out of the future.