holograms stories

Apple joins the likes of IBM and Sony in wanting to bring about some sweet holographic display technology. While Apple's patent admits that it isn't a "true hologram" the company is after, it does go so far as to call the proposal "exceptional." Not your usual humble, dry patent here!
Stereoscopic 3D (the kind with the glasses) is clunky and annoying and doesn't give you much besides a little bit of fake depth, no matter what all of those commercials featuring stuff jumping out of 3D TVs try to get you to believe. Holograms, on the other hand, are serious 3D. We're all waiting on 3D holographic TV, but in the mean time these holographic maps are pretty sick.
Just for Friday laughs, this video purports to show a guy revealing a top-secret iPhone app that can create 3D holograms. After using the iPhone's camera to shoot video of his head, he presses a button, holds the phone horizontally and — abracadabra — the phone creates a 3D hologram floating above the screen. Does anyone even have to say, "fake?"
3D has never really tickled my fancy, but I — and I suspect everyone else — could get down with an awesome holographic projection. Complex, Back to the Future 2-style holograms, like full-body teleportation and safe cloning, is something I figure won't happen during my lifetime. Apparently it could — in as little as 10 years.