Holodeck stories

We know, 3D sucks and you want a holodeck. Well, until gaming systems with head, body and button tracking are affordable enough to mass produce, a Star Trek holodeck is but a dream. Unless, that is, you've got the chops and can go out and build your own holodeck with hacked-together hardware — like these guys from the University of Southern California did.
Star Trek: The Next Generation and Caprica have, for years now, shown us devices that transport the characters who use them to virtual locales, while we the viewers sit and pine over the experience on our couches. Until now! All the components you need to build your own step-in virtual world are here! First, let's settle on a model. Star Trek's holodeck, a room which can fool all five senses of those who enter as to immerse them in a world of their own choosing — whether it's a scene from Robin Hood or from the pages of Sherlock Holmes — is larger and more famous. We'll build that one. Sound impossible? Well, maybe not anymore.