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Today, it's hard to think of computers as more than a collection of advanced microchips and the like — processors, RAM, flash storage and graphics cards, for example. Like a river, the flow of technology that has led us to the modern computing architecture we use today came from some several often overlooked sources — the proverbial "stones that divert the river." These are the unsung heroes of our technological past, with a few predictions sprinkled in there for good measure. Click on the gallery below to get this journey started.
IBM isn't a name that you hear being kicked around very regularly these days, at least not in the consumer market, but they have a long and rich history of enabling many of the technologies that you know and love. This documentary covers IBM's culture, some of their past highlights, and their future. If you like tech, it's a must-see.
Everybody knows the latest craze for 3D is just the most recent take on a technology that's been around since the '50s. But did you know 3D tech existed more than 40 years before that? This stereoscope, which arrived in the DVICE offices yesterday, is the proof.