Healthy Week stories

Usually we cover future tech that will make the world a better place. Today we pause to remember a few gadgets that never should have been. We get so much joy out of our gadgets, it's no wonder we look to them for health benefits, too. Whether it's a too-good-to-be-true weight loss miracle or just a way to make fitness more fun, gadgets add some color to an exercise routine. Yet sometimes those gadgets don't live up to their claims, and sometimes their whole idea is completely inane. Here we present the 10 most ridiculous health gadgets ever.
Being healthy is all fine and good — in fact we're all for it — but some health-minded items on the market today are pretty boring. Well, that just won't do, now will it? With that in mind, we've selected nine different gadgets from Sharper Image spanning from cool to plain silly. What do you think? Would you want a personal oxygen bar or a magic disinfecting wand?
Staying healthy and fit should not be a painful job or even a chore. And you shouldn't have to spend hefty amounts of money on gym membership fees just to do a few reps on the old bench press and then head back home. In fact, why can't exercise be fun and entertaining? Actually it can be, with the right equipment — fitness gadgets disguised as video games. It's Healthy Week here at Syfy, and to kick off the festivities we've compiled a list of 11 fun healthy video game gadgets that can keep you looking lean and mean right in your very own home. Sorry, hot sweaty strangers are not included with any of these.