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I have never been a morning person. Just ask my nutritionist — I quit breakfast for over 10 years just so I could sleep 10 minutes more in the morning. But as I continue my goal to be a healthier person, I need that valuable time in the morning before work for breakfast, maybe a run, etc. With that in mind, I did what I always do when I want to improve my life: I turned to technology. I found I couldn't blame my bed anymore (especially now that I have a nice, cold pillow). So join me as I blame something else — and attempt to ditch — my conventional, obnoxious alarm clock and its daily blaring.
If somebody is having a "case of the Mondays" these days it's pretty certain you'll know about it in 140 characters or less. While this may seem like a no-brainer, scientists set out to quantify what we have all intuitively guessed — Twitter shows recognizable patterns on how we feel throughout the day.
DVICE guest blogger Alan Danzis is helping us plug a hole here, writing about fitness tech as someone who uses it and loves it. There's a lot of not-so-expensive, smart gadgets and apps out there that not only help you keep track of how well you're living healthy, but talk to one another for even more functionality. Last year, I started to finally get serious about living a healthier life because of my genetically high blood pressure. Seriously, high blood pressure at 29 and now at 30? I'm a gadget person at heart, and I found that if I invested in gadgets to control and monitor my health, it would help keep me on track. If I spent X amount of money on this pedometer, for instance, odds were, I would keep using it. Below are what I think are the eight best apps and gadgets to help you lead a healthier life. I own and/or use most of them regularly; the rest are ones I'm either currently researching or am very, very close to purchasing (at least within their category).
Hot on the heels of India's injection-based birth control for men that is 100% effective, lasts ten years and also turns every man into the perfect cook, masseuse and pedicurist — all true, folks! — comes the news of a birth control pill being developed here in the U.S. that's fast acting and has no side effects.
Keeping track of everything we eat would be a great idea, and I'm sure we'd learn all kinds of things we don't really want to know about our diet and overall health. Until now it's been a major hassle to do this, but tiny digestible RFID tags could automate the entire process for every single piece of food that we consume.
Know someone who is impossible to wake up? You know, that someone who's got three alarm clocks scattered all over their room, or a coffee machine with a grinder so loud it sounds like the world is ending? (Yeah, they make those.) Well, tell that sleepy head to stop messing around. We're talking alarm clocks that run away from you, shock you when you try to sleep in and even steal your real, hard-earned money if you try to snooze. Click on the gallery below to see them all.
Generally, you want to avoid getting infected with a virus. But a new study shows that scientists could use a virus to trick your brain into making you less hungry. Hey, it's easier than exercising!