headphones stories

The elegant bamboo box before me looks like an heirloom passed down within a family for generations. Among the engravings in the blond wood is a dragon, a Chinese symbol of prosperity. When I open it up, I'm greeted with a lovely soft black pouch that surely holds something precious and delicate. Reaching in, I pull out a pair of Bruce Lee-branded steel headphones, leading me to wonder: Are these high-end cans that pack a punch like the action star they were named for, or are these something I can pick up at Chinatown?
Headphones are hot, and it seems like every fashion hipster wants to be seen with some Beats by Dre or other blingy headphones on their head. The problem is that unless you have the volume really cranked, it can be hard for others to tell what tunes you're spinning. These headphones give the people around you a visual clue, with displays that move in time with the music.