HDTV stories

Now you can live deep underground and still feel like you're relaxing next to a babbling brook. The eScape window is actually a 40-inch 1080p LCD monitor, recessed in the wall and mounted behind a realistic-looking window frame. Included are eight full-HD videos ranging from a half hour to 1.25 hours long, showing gorgeous scenes of soothing natural beauty along with high fidelity sound. Man, this is almost better than the real thing.
Here's an easy way to record HD premium channels from your cable or satellite TV box onto a Mac. This $200 EyeTV HD can snag video via component outputs, letting you bypass copy protection. Then you can watch, fast forward, rewind, and save videos from your premium channels live on your Mac, just like a TiVo.
Google just unveiled an ambitious new project called Google TV, a new system that would bring the Web, online videos and all the goodies the big G has to offer over from your computer and onto your TV. The video above does a good job of explaining the deal, but here's the boiled-down version: via either set-top boxes or through TVs with Google TV built-in, Google software and hardware will treat live TV like any other web content. That's to say, you'll be able to do a search for 30 Rock and it'll find all episodes coming up for you to watch or record as well as all episodes on places like Hulu and Netflix. With more robust features like Android app support coming as well, it seems like we're just seeing the tip of this iceberg. Will Google be able to successfully infiltrate your living room? Time will tell, but my first impression of this is that it's very, very impressive.