Hard drives stories

Every time it seems like we're starting to run out of hard drive space, some genius comes along and invents a way to cram more data onto those spinning magnetic platters. But as far as we know, this is the first time that it's also involved making said platters even tastier than they already are.
A while back, we posted about how physical media is on the way out, with cloud storage enabling us to access all of our stuff anywhere, anytime. One major concern that about a hundred of you brought up was the issue of security: someone else owns the cloud, with your data in it. Western Digital's My Book Live offers an effective compromise, letting you keep control of all your data while still making it available wherever and whenever you want it.
Personally, I don't have a porn folder. I've never looked at porn. I don't even know what porn is. Some sort of snack food, I imagine. But from what I hear, people seem to keep a lot of pictures and video of it on their computers, and thanks to these new concepts, you'll be able to feel just exactly how heavy and bloated all those files are.