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YouTube just made it easier for you to watch videos and completely veg out with its Beta test of Leanback. Its web-based interface is controlled by your computer's directional arrows and Enter key, and serves up videos it thinks you'll like. How does it get to be so uncannily accurate at predicting exactly what will amuse you?
We bristled at the fact that the iPhone 4 didn't fit in its predecessor's dock. But thanks to an astute commenter, we found out the first iPhone's dock, included free with the phone back in 2007, works beautifully with the iPhone 4. In fact, it works even better than the new one that's custom made for it.
As the iPhone 4 heads out the door, the complaints start rolling in. Let's see which ones are real and which ones aren't. We have an iPhone 4 right here, so we'll test each specific gripe, using our first-hand experience to determine which ones should concern you the most, and which ones you can immediately discount.
You've undoubtedly heard a lot of the hype about iPhone 4, but now that we have one in our hands, we'll tell you the most important reason why it's worth it to buy one. It's a reason that's immediately obvious to everyone who first holds this trinket in their hands. We showed it to quite a few people already, and the routine is exactly the same: They pick it up, I say please don't drop it, and what do you think is the first thing they notice?
Apple offers a major upgrade to the iPhone operating system starting today, adding numerous features that should have been included from the beginning. Among all the new features, one of the most useful is its Bluetooth keyboard compatibility, letting you turn your iPhone into something that's much more.