halloween stories

We all know bees can sting. We recently began discussing the fact that some drink your tears. And since Halloween is just around the corner, this seems like a great time to let you know the following: researchers have found that honey bees can bite, as well — and this is actually good news!
Let your geeky self shine this Halloween, but don't forget to include those around you in all the fun. If everyone in your group is fully embracing the holiday spirit, you might get more candy — and if none of you all can pass as age appropriate for trick-or-treating, you can at least have one heck of a party. So, with candy on the brain, we searched tirelessly to bring you and your friends or significant other or kids, dogs or turtles — yes, turtles! — the most fantastically geeked-out Halloween costumes to pop up recently. Up top is an instant favorite: Frankie the Unidentified Turtle Object (we've got a video of that after the jump). Down below in our gallery, you'll find 11 more ghouls and geeks. Bring on the festivities!
This Halloween, you could dress as a boring ghost or something equally as simple. Or even worse, you could buy one of those cheap costumes with the strings that tie in the back to hold it all together. You're a geek! Wouldn't it be better to create something a little more high tech and a lot more fun? How about a jellyfish that glows? Or an authentic-looking outfit from Tron? Here are some high-tech Halloween ideas you could still pull off with a little elbow grease.
Ah, October: the leaves are turning colors, there is a chill in the air and every now and again you get the feeling that there's someone staring at you from just beyond your field of view. Isn't it charming? Once a year we are given carte blanche to commune with the dead, to cast spells and to become the evil that we otherwise fear in the world. We let the fear in, let it dance around in our heads and give us nightmares. This year, we're digging up a few buried horrors for you, and we've called upon the spirit of the NES to conjure up some newer scares as well. From the sublimely terrifying to the ridiculous, here are 15 games full of 8-bit scares to fill your Octoberween. Click through the links to get in the spirit and play, purchase or download each of these retro scare-fests.