gun stories

Nowhere does there exist such a disparity in function as there does between the different kids of smartphone apps. They can be used to save your buns from driving too drunk, and now they can be used to shoot people. Of course. Laser tag for our post-laser age, the Xappr or Micro-Zappr Gun can attach to your smartphone and turn any place into a battlefield, at any time.
Dangerous women would never carry around something as girlie looking as a purse, but they still want to look their best. To solve this dilemma, Dutch jewelry designer Ted Noten has created this scary looking pistol, but instead of bullets, this gun packs seven essentials no femme fatale would want to be without.
Don't you hate getting out of your comfy bed just to turn out the light? Sure you could always add a Clapper, but it's hard to think of a tech device any dorkier than that. This gun operated lamp is way better, letting you end the day with a little simulated gun play.