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What we want from solar energy: inexpensive, highly-efficient solar panels that we can attach to our roofs to power our homes, with wiring so simple that any weekend handyman can set it up. What we get: Crap gadgets. Happy Earth Week, Dvicians. While we're all feeling good about skipping plastic water bottles and buying local produce, let's remember that the power of solar energy — which was at one time believed to be as transformative as nuclear power — is mostly harnessed for trinkety toys that deliver more novelty than real value. Don't believe it? Take a look in the gallery below. Have a solar-powered gadget that let you down? Have one you love? Let us know in the comments.
No one wants to talk about bugs. They're gross, invasive and nightmare inducing. In Starship Troopers they are even imagined as planning the destruction of the human race. With all that bad press, it is easy to understand why scientists are having a hard time convincing people bugs might just be the answer to global warming and food shortages. If you have the uneasy feeling that I'm going to suggest something like we should be embracing entomophagy — the practice of eating bugs — you're right. It just so happens bugs are packed with protein, and eating them in place of red meat would help reduce the impact of livestock production on the planet. Don't be grossed out! Reality shows have given eating bugs a bad rep — many cultures have been eating bugs for millennia. What exactly are they eating? We'll get to that, but first a little bit on exactly why eating bugs could save the planet.
We're kicking off Earth Week here at DVICE and what better way to kick off greener living than to point your attention to a renewable energy source you might not have had on your radar: human byproducts. Kindergarten jokes aside, there really are some weird gadgets and applications for human waste that you might have never heard of. Here are eight of the most fascinating uses, all that recycle the junk that comes out of our trunks.
The first floor of the University of California's newest engineering building is soon to be powered by the equivalent 1.1M high-end lithium-ion AA batteries. If you are curious as to what this looks like, the 1.1 megawatt power supply is big enough to cover a 50-meter long Olympic size swimming pool. That's a lot of power.
Dreaming of a "white Christmas" is so 20th Century. Welcome to the 21st Century, where we think of the holiday season as green — and we don't mean cash. Today, with so many stresses on our environment and the need to be mindful consumers, many people are looking for that special "green" gift that will keep on giving. Never fear — we've scoured the web for the grooviest gifts that embody all kinds of green giving. Whether upcycled products bringing something old back to life, something made from left over materials or something that simply brings a bit of nature back into our increasingly urban lives we think all these gifts are wicked cool.
It's Earth Week here at Syfy, which is all well and good, but what's the point of being green if there's nothing in it for you, right? The reason you should care about renewable energy is that it gives you lots of ways to start generating your own energy to power all those thirsty gadgets you love, and thanks to the many miracles of future technology, you won't even notice that you're doing it.