green tech stories

Alaska Airlines recently launched 75 passenger flights running on a 20% biofuel blend made with reclaimed cooking oil. Once we learned this fuel blend met aviation and military safety, environmental, and performance standards we breathed a huge sigh of relief. And this, right after some airlines decided to go electric when taxiing.
Researchers in South Korea may have found a way to design "smart windows" that could work wonders in making the average home far more efficient. In the usual spirit of a breakthrough, their approach takes something that wasn't feasible yesterday and promises to be stable and inexpensive tomorrow.
It's a bold statement to be sure, but Google is making it in the company's first public disclosure of its total energy use: the company has had a carbon footprint of zero for well on four years now. That's even more impressive when you consider that Google needs a quarter of a nuclear power plant to keep all of its searches and gmails and whatnot going.