green tech stories

Plantagon, a Swedish company that makes greenhouses, is happy to remind us all that by 2050, nine billion people will be living on Earth, seven billion of them will be living in cities, and every single one of them is going to be hungry a lot of the time. Plantagon has the solution in the form of skyscrapers for plants. Tasty plants. And they're building one.
Here in the U.S., we're used to thinking about solar power as one of those happy eco-friendly things that we'd all totally be using except for the fact that it's so much more expensive than fossil fuels. In the developing world, though, it's exactly the opposite: solar power is gaining ground with 1.3 billion people simply because it's the cheapest way to go.
We all know we shouldn't throw light bulbs or batteries in the trash, but how to recycle them often remains a mystery. One option is the boxes at big chain stores, but soon a safer and more enticing solution may be available: deposit them in a reverse vending machine and receiving an immediate reward for your trouble!