green tech stories

Tokelau, a small island nation, is officially becoming the first habited place on Earth to completely rely upon solar for its energy needs. Tokelau is a tiny group of coral islands that have up to now used diesel fuel for the daily needs of its roughly 1,400 residents. Within the next few weeks, the nation will make the historic switch to solar.
Drywall may not be the most exciting topic, and I fully accept that. But what this new drywall could do to your power bill might excite you. The new drywall is filled with tiny beads of paraffin that absorb heat during the day, and release it at night. It could be the latest thing in green building technology.
Modern cars are swiftly becoming like the new Retina display MacBook Pro, powerful and attractive, but useless to those of us who want to get under the hood and make modifications. But now a Japanese company has developed a vehicle that could ensure the days of do-it-yourself car modifcation stick around.
Not so hot on the heels of the Philips L-Prize bulb comes this funky piece of hardware from General Electric, which knows a thing (or two) about electricity. It's a 27 watt LED bulb that produces as much (or more) light as a 100 watt incandescent bulb, and the coolest feature is how it keeps itself, uh, cool: silent puffs of high-velocity air.
The other boats in Antwerp's harbor are bound to feel envious when this old ferry that was headed for scrap is fully transformed into an Olympic-size swimming pool and gathering place. The eco-friendly "Badboot" — which means bathing boat — will include a 120-meter swimming pool, restaurants, bars and meeting space.