green tech stories

Most people would agree that hybrid cars are generally good for the environment. That's fine and dandy. But if being good for the environment costs money, then all of a sudden going green becomes a lot less appealing. What's more important, saving a couple bucks, or saving the planet from certain doom? Well, good news: now you can do both.
It seems the NFL can't keep the competition limited to the field, as various iconic stadiums have added solar and renewable energy installations as others rush to get on board. Renewable energy upgrades could power everything from decorative stadium lighting, general stadium power needs and even electric vehicle charging stations.
As designer Gabriele Diamanti discovered during his travels through developing countries, fresh water is hard to come by. This inspired him to create a solution that could use local materials, was easy to use and utilized what resource these locations often have in abundance — lots of sunshine.
It's hard to believe anyone throws away a pastry or excess coffee — that's extra body fuel you're wasting, buddy! With big food chains it happens all the time. In Hong Kong, the fact that Starbucks has about 5,000 extra tons of stale food and coffee grounds per year prompted the company to explore bio-refining.