green tech stories

Solar power solutions have become popular for their utility as back-up power generators, especially for camping and outdoor activities when an electrical outlet may be hours away. But such solutions don't always need to be dedicated solely to serious considerations of survival off the grid: snowboarders need power too.
In recent years, media experts have been predicting the death of paper as a means for transmitting information in business and amongst friends. But one company is determined to make sure that paper not only survives, but merges with USB technology in an innovative way that could give the medium a whole new lease on life.
Outside of some of the more hurricane-prone areas, owning waterfront property is one of the most coveted and expensive real estate propositions out there. But in Sweden a pair of siblings decided to try an innovative, budget-conscious to owning waterfront property by building a solar-powered, floating room.
The 2012 Maker Faire Africa held in Lagos, Nigeria this week brought together people who build things, from traditional crafts to modern inventions. Four teenage girls made a particularly lasting impression at the event with their generator that is powered by urine.
It constantly surprises me how a simple rethink of an everyday product could have an effect on the environment. There are newly redesigned clothes hangers on the scene that hold specialized charcoal to air out clothes that may only need a freshen-up rather than a full wash. Even if in small amounts, this saves on water, power and soap.