green power stories

I'll bet you didn't know that aluminum (the same stuff that keeps your soda in the shape of a can) has more than twice the energy density of gasoline. Combine powdered aluminum with water at high temperatures, and you'll get heat, hydrogen and aluminum oxide. In other words, you get enough clean car fuel to take you 1,500 miles per tank.
Architects Joshua Bolchover and John Lin's Rural Urban Framework (RUFWORK) project seeks to "engage in the rural-urban transformation of China." The team constructed a self-sufficient rural farm house that has been designed to provide natural ventilation, collect rain water, and create power from pig feces.
Engineers have long known that a double-sided solar cell design would increase cells' overall harnessing power. The main barrier to creating such a double-cells was an economic one. However, one solar startup claims they have figured out a way to tweak the production process to make "bifacial" designs economically feasible.
Back in March, we posted about how this could be the year where the National Ignition Facility breaks even with laser fusion, reaching the point where as much power is generated as is input. This doesn't mean we've got a fusion power plant around the corner, though, and researchers have come clean about what the hold-up is.